The former footballer, 50, appeared on This Morning today with his wife Leah to speak about his experience.

He weighed 23 stone when he first started the show, which sees Harry Redknapp try to help a group of ageing footballers to get fit.

At the end of the programme, the group will be challenged to a game against rivals Germany.

Razor was told he needed to lose at least five stone and was at risk of a heart attack.

However presenter Eamonn Holmes pointed out that he had actually put on three lbs.

Initially Razor said: “I think the show brought awareness to mental and physical health.

“I knew I had a bad knee anyway but I didn’t know what was happening inside. I am the joker of the pack and you think it is not going to happen to you but I went to see a doctor in Harley Street and it was a wakeup call really.”