EastEnders fans were horrified tonight when Ruby Allen tried to chop off her rapist’s penis.

Some viewers claimed the shocking pre-watershed scenes could have come straight out of a ‘horror movie’.

They claimed the rape storyline had gone ‘way too far’ with the extreme twist.

After drugging Ross, the gangster’s daughter dragged his limp body onto the black bin bags she had taped to the floor.

Ruby said she wanted to give her rapist a lasting reminder so he could feel some of the pain she had.

Tearful Ruby said: “There’s only one thing I can do to make sure you never ever hurt a woman the way you hurt me.”

Martin and Stacey Fowler burst into her flat just as she was pulling down his trousers.

To the side of Ruby was a knife, which she was planning to use to cut off his manhood.

Appalled Martin shouted: “Ruby, you can’t cut his bits off.”

Claiming no one would believe her, she said: “If I want any sort of justice I have to get it myself on my own. I’m not standing up in that court and being called a liar. I’m jot a liar. he owes me.”

Martin was shocked when Stacey said she would help her friend.